The venue of the conference is Collegium Maius located in the center of Toruń Old Town (Fosa Staromiejska St. 3). Collegium Maius was built in 1907 in neo-Gothic style according to G. Colley’s project. At present the building is the seat of the Dean of the Faculty of Languages (Wydział Filologiczny) as well as some of its departments (Polish, Classical, and Cultural Studies).

Pictures of Toruń Main Railway Station (1, 2) and Bus Station (3).
torRAIL  railSTAtorun  busSTAtor

You can get from the railway station to the venue by public transporation (city bus) or by taxi .
If you go by bus, you should get off at „Plac Rapacki” or „Plac Teatralny”.
Normal ticket price is ca. 0,7 €. The cost of taxi is ca. 4-5 €.



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