Organising Committee

Adam Bednarczyk


MA in Oriental philology, specialization Japanology at the Jagiellonian University, Institute of Oriental Philology, Department of Japanology and Sinology (2006); PhD in the Humanities (Japanese language and culture) from Osaka University, Japan (2010). From 2010 Assistant Professor at the Nicolaus Copernicus University, Department of Japanese Studies, and senior lecturer at the Department of Japanese Studies, Chair of Oriental Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań in 2011–2014. His research fields are medieval Japanese prose, influences of Chinese literature and culture on medieval Japanese literature, text-image interrelations in pre-modern Japanese culture, and traditional ludic culture in Japan. Member of Polish Oriental Society and Polish Association for Japanese Studies. Main publications: Kinsei no eawase, Wydawnictwo Naukowe UMK, Toruń 2013; co-edition of seria „Orient in literature – Literature in Orient”.


Abdelhak Belabed

Abdel3Algerian researcher specializing in literary theory and criticism as well as comparative literature, associate professor in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at University of Qatar. He holds PhD in Literary Theory and Critical and Comparative Studies from University of Algiers. Editorial director of Arts Magazine (Faculty of Arts, King Saud University), founding member of the Unity of Narratives Research (Department of Arabic Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, King Saud University), member of the Revision Committee of the Unity of the Poetics Research (Department of Arabic Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, King Saud University), founder and supervisor of the Unity of Linguistics and Discourse Analysis (Arabic Language and Literature Department, Faculty of Arts, King Saud University), vice director of Laboratory of Translation and Term at the University of Algiers. He has participated in several international conferences and scientific seminars and published numerous articles and books. More important works: ‘Atabat. Gerard Gennete min an-nas ila al-manas (Thresholds. Gerard Gennete from the text to the paratext) 2008, Atabat fi al -manjaz al-riwa’i al-‘arabi (Thresholds in Arabic Novels) 2013, Futuhat riwa’iyya (Novelistic Conquests) 2014.


Magdalena Kubarek

mk_photodoctor of human sciences, specializing in Arab philology, literary translator, Assistant Professor in the Department of Arabic Language and Culture of Nicolas Copernicus University in Torun and lector in School of Eastern Languages of Warsaw University, board member of Polish Orient Society and member Union Européenne des Arabisants et Islamisants. She is a researcher in the field of contemporary Arabic literature and intercultural interferences. Major works: M. Kubarek, Miraże i oazy. Su’ad as-Sabah i inne poetki kuwejckie (Mirages and Oasis, Suad as-Sabah and other Women Poets of Kuwait), Elipsa, Warszawa 2006. (Bilingual anthology), W kręgu kultury islamu. Materiały dydaktyczne dla nauczycieli szkół ponadpodstawowych (In the Word of Islam. Didactic materials for teachers of secondary schools), Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska, Magdalena Kubarek, Polski Komitet ds. UNESCO,, Warszawa 2007, Motyw śmierci w twórczości współczesnych poetek arabskich (The Death Motif in the Works of Contemporary Arab Women Poets), Ibidem, Łódź 2009. Translatios: Abd ar-Rahman Munif, Miasta soli (Cities of Salt), Smak Słowa, Sopot 2010 and Khalil Gibran, Połamane skrzydła (The Broken Wings), Barbelo, Warszawa 2012.


Maciej Szatkowski

mszat (1)

graduated from the Adam Mickiewicz University (M.A. in Sinology), head of Center for Chinese Language and Culture at Nicolaus Copernicus University. In 2016, he received PhD in the Humanities with the dissertation on Meng Jinghui’s works at Warsaw University. Lecturer and translator of Chinese. Member of Polish Orient Society and Polish Society of Theater Studies. Major research fields: postmodern drama, contemporary Chinese literature and culture.


Anna Gradzka –  conference secretary


in 2012 graduated at the MA-level from the English Filology Studies at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun (title of the thesis: Heavy language of metal. Text and cognitive analysis of selected heavy metal lyrics; major: linguistics); currently a 5th year student of the Japanese Studies at the same university. Interests include the gagaku music, nō and kabuki theaters, Japanese mythology, as well as the life and handwritten legacy of the prominent Polish ethnographer Bronislaw Pilsudski (a selected part of which shall be the basis of the future MA thesis).




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